In global integration trend, many parents are aware of letting their children take up a second language early. However, this leads to different opinions among parents; they even debate to defense their opinions. Some parents think that a child should learn the new language in elementary level but others think their children should learn it earlier if they can speak mother tongue well. So, when is the best time for children to learn a new language?
Welcome to our conference “Giving Wings to children’s future” held by Canadian Maple Kindergarten to listen, share, and get your questions answered by our education expert!
– The forming and development of language in children.
– Does letting children learn second language early delay the acquisition of their mother tongue?
– Which is the right method to help children early approach second language?
– The importance and benefits of letting children learn second language. What makes the Canadian Maple Bear (more than 13 countries with over 200 kindergarten) in educational curriculum  special and different from other academic programs?
Ha Noi Maple Bear Kindergarten is delighted to welcome Ms. Lenna Glade – the expert of Maple Bear International educational system.
With over 40 years in the educational field, she has been in variable positions such as: teacher, headmaster, coordinator of educational institution, and now she is a lecturer in Manitoba University, Canada. In 10 years, as a member of the faculty at Winnipeg University, she has initiated and implemented a lot of international projects. During this time, she has also organized many teacher trainings and workshops for parents in Brazil, China, Korea, and Singapore.
While being in Vietnam, she will implement the quality accreditation and teacher training at Maple Bear Kindergarten of the country. At the same time, she will be the host of the “Giving Wings to children’s future” conference.
– Time: 4 PM – 6PM, on Saturday, 6th August, 2016
– Location: 7th Floor 114 Mai Hac De Sreet, Le Dai Hanh Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Vietnam
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