On June 4th, 2016 – The graduation ceremony and summer concert 2016 of Maple Bear Canadian Kindergarten under the City Smart International Children Education System took place successfully at Hong Ha Theatre (51 Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi City). The program is a special occasion for all of Maple Bear’s teachers and students to reminisce their unforgettable memories during the past year. It is also an event where the parent can look back the way their children have become more mature at Maple Bear Canadian Kindergarten.
The program was opened with the national anthems of Viet Nam and Canada by the Polar Bears schoolchildren. In nice graduation dresses, they confidently and passionately sang out the songs. The picture of playful innocent but mature kids in harmony with the solemn melody left the first impression on everyone at the ceremony.

Representative of the Polar Bears parents presented the school with a meaningful gift, demonstrating the effective cooperation between the schools and the parents in nourishing their kids’ soul and developing their talents.

Witnessing the children’s efforts to study and practice during the year, the teachers in Maple Bear Canadian Kindergarten couldn’t help being thrilling and proud to see they holding certificates in their joy and excitement . This was a significant moment marked their maturity before coming into the life and when their parents were proud of their children’s growth.

Through well-prepared and fully creative performance, kids even at the youngest age like ones of Koala Bears class or Teddy Bears class, made an great impression in the hearts of audience because of the cherub. They haven’t fitted in with their friends, they will be certainly able to do that in the future. The important thing here is that Maple Bear always nurture children’s dream and give them opportunities to show themselves, to shine on stage.

Cheerful and colourful performances given by little artists, earned rapturous applauses from audiences. The most wonderful and admirable was the confidence and the ability to speak English fluently of Polar Bears-“little” MC couples who were responsible for introducing the younger kids’ performances. This is the highlight and strength of Maple Bear’s Integration program in training standard Vietnamese/English bilingual training for infants.

The program ended with the song “Goodbye dear dolls” performed by the Polar Bears students. On the faces of teachers, students and parents are deep emotions. Goodbye Maple Bear “home”! We have grown up, right here have we, not only gained knowledge, and life skills, etc but also learn how to love, share and show ourselves. We are now confident enough to entering Grade 1 and Maple Bear Canadian Kindergarten is the cradle to nurture our dream and help us fly towards wider doors later in our life.
The “Summer Concert 2016” program was ended but the mark of a monumental and emotional program still remains in the heart of attendants. To achieve this success, beside the collaboration between the school and parents, we can not fail to mention to the effective corperation of sponsor. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for International School of Viet Nam (ISV) – thanks to your contribution in supporting for our event took place. With our effective corperation, we believe a successful summer concert program would be continuous in the future.