Jeff holds the degrees of M.Ed. (School Administration), B.Ed. (Intermediate and Senior Sciences), M. Sc. (Plant Systematics) and B. Sc. (Honours Biology). He also has been awarded Levels 1 and 2 School Administrators Certificates. Mr. Anderson has served as a teacher of advanced sciences in High School, Science Department Head, Provincial Curriculum Consultant for elementary Sciences, and Vice Principal and Principal of English and Immersion Schools. Mr. Anderson has studied in various English and French language universities in Ontario and Manitoba. During his years as a younger student, he spent a year in Morocco at High School and graduated in Toronto from the Ontario Science Centre School. As Curriculum Consultant Mr. Anderson developed Science programs for all levels of the school system and created numerous support resource materials for Science education. He has been invited to present to Science teaching organizations and school districts across Canada. He has represented Canadian schools in projects in France and Korea. His publications include scholarly documents on school administration as well as on Science topics including "Systematic implications of isozyme number variation in tribe Brassiceae" and "Genetic variation in native and introduced populations of Sinapis arvensis L". His work in Science has been presented in Lisbon, Calgary, Saskatoon and Yokohama. Mr. Anderson's primary interests include school administration, immersion education and science education in the elementary grades. Mr. Anderson has conducted Science teaching workshops in Brazil as part of the Maple Bear team.