On January 27 to 30, Maple Bear Canadian Kindergarten in Vietnam was honored to host a visit from Mr. Rodney Briggs, President of Maple Bear Schools worldwide. Mr. Briggs is the original founder of Maple Bear schools, and since 1997, this Canadian kindergarten education system has grown to over one hundred schools worldwide.
Mr. Briggs was on a two week tour of the Maple Bear sites in China and South East Asia, and this tour included a visit to each of our schools in both HCMC and Hanoi.

During his visit, Mr. Briggs had the opportunity to connect with all foreign staff, visit classrooms, and meet with our administrative and support teams in both cities. Mr. Briggs was very complementary of the programming that he observed in each of our schools and expressed the potential that he saw for future growth in Vietnam.

While visiting the Golden Westlake location, Mr. Briggs was interviewed by the Sharing Vietnam program.

This TV segment will be shown on VTC10 channel and includes a most interesting conversation with Mr. Briggs on how Maple Bear first began. He spoke of the strengths of Canadian teaching methods, child-centered programming, and provided an excellent example of how the Maple Bear curriculum sparks curiosity in children and teaches them to ask questions, wonder, and think deeply. After the interview, Mr. Briggs visited several of the classrooms to meet teachers and see the children at work and play. This television broadcast will certainly be an interesting program for current and prospective parents to view. Parents are invited view the interview by following this link. http://www.maplebear.vn/index_no_ads.php?page=video_gallery