Each year, Global Maple Bear sends a representative to their Maple Bear Schools around the world to ensure quality instruction is occurring and to provide feedback for growth and improvement. During the week of October 8 to 12, Maple Bear Kindergarten in Vietnam had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Tony Griffiths for our schools’ annual Quality Assurance Visit.

Mr. Griffiths is currently stationed in Seoul and is the Director for Maple Bear Global Schools in the South East Asia district. Mr. Griffiths has been an educator for over thirty years in Canada. Twenty-six of those years were spent as an administrator in a variety of schools and learning environments but his expertise lies in primary and elementary education. During his visit, Mr. Griffiths was able to share his educational knowledge and extensive experience with our teachers.

Over the span of the week, Mr. Griffiths toured each of our school sites, visited our classrooms, observed lessons, and provided valuable feedback on all aspects of our operations. He was able to meet individually with each of our foreign teachers and in Hanoi, facilitated an after school professional development session on essential learning outcomes and assessment with our foreign teachers.

Mr. Griffiths will be providing us with a detailed report of his visit in the near future; however, his initial impressions were very positive. He felt that each of the schools were operating in a professional fashion in the delivery of the Maple Bear program. He was impressed with the quality of our teachers and the level of support being provided in each of our classrooms. Here in Vietnam, we greatly appreciated his visit and the valuable feedback that he provided from the Global Maple Bear perspective.