Each year, Maple Bear Global sends a representative to the Maple Bear schools around the world to ensure the quality of teaching and make comments that help each grow and improve. From 6th to 10th September 2014 Maple Bear was honored to receive Mr. Don Farrow in Hanoi for quality accreditation at the school. Mr. Farrow visited each of the Maple Bear schools and met school officials from the Board of Supervisors, and members of staff including coordinators, customer care staff, foreign and Vietnamese teachers.

During his visit, he led a meeting with parents at Golden West Lake which hilghted the benefits of bilingual education, and the educational methods of Maple Bear. He also spent time visiting classes and evaluating teaching processes, and participated in the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration- held annually in Maple Bear Vietnam. Finally, on Sept. 9, he led training sessions for the foreign teachers at Vincom.

Mr. Farrow was impressed with the success of the Maple Bear program in both campuses in Hanoi. Maple Bear Vietnam highly valued Mr. Farow’s visit and was very pleased with his assessment on the global Maple Bear’s view.