Maple Bear Canadian Kindergarten Vietnam was recently host to a special visit from our friends at Maple Bear Canadian Kindergarten Korea. This event was arranged by Global Schools as an annual quality improvement exercise. The time was divided between different locations in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Mr. Bergan and Mrs Bergan spent nearly a week sharing their insight and experiences, and left us all with fresh ideas, renewed confidence, and an enhanced outlook of the Maple Bear tradition.

The two veteran educators spent time with our teaching staff and offered advice on implementing curriculum and specific troubleshooting issues. The teachers were given ample time to ask any questions that they had regarding Maple Bear techniques, classroom control, or early childhood pedagogy in general. In between the sessions their classes were observed while Mr. Bergan and Mrs Bergan took notes and interacted with the students. Their feedback was enormously helpful and in some cases implemented right away. Their work with the children also gave a direct example for the teachers and staff to follow when interacting with young learners.

Maple Bear Director Thu Hai and Principal Robert Wilson also had a special opportunity to work one on one with the guests concerning operational issues and quality audit. Mr. Bergan’s extensive work as a superintendent in Canada has given him a wealth of knowledge concerning school operation both big and small. He gave advice on managing staff, facilities, and parent-school communication. Aileen, an operational expert in her own right, gave guidance on interschool communication and meeting education standards.

In addition, they worked with our enrolment team to discuss the appeal of Maple Bear to parents in all corners of the world. They touched on why Maple Bear works in so many different places and why people of any culture can relate to what we are doing.

We were also fortunate to have Mr. Bergan and Mrs Bergan to hold a seminar for our Korean parents in Ho Chi Minh City and explain the advantages of Maple Bear over traditional ESL. The parents were able to ask questions following the seminar, and left with a new perspective on our program.

Overall the visit was very beneficial and an encouraging encounter on both sides. The meeting demonstrated the productivity of these Global School arranged events, and highlighted the partnership of Maple Bear schools worldwide. The cooperation between our two schools was an excellent way to share experiences and work as a global family to improve the education of little Maple Bears both here and there. We will have many more opportunities like this during our operation in the coming time.