My name is Melissa Mair and I am from Canada. I have worked with children in daycares in Canada in both French and English for many years. Two years ago, I decided to try teaching abroad in Korea. I enjoyed my year in Korea so much that I wanted to experience another new culture. Since I had enjoyed traveling in other places in South East Asia, I decided to move to Vietnam to live and work. I have been working at Maple Bear Hanoi for the past five months. I work at a location called Golden Westlake, which has great facilities for the children. We have a large outdoor grassy area and a sandbox, both of which are in a safe enclosed area. We are lucky to be encouraged to bring the children outside regularly to exercise and play outside of the classroom walls.

I have had a very positive experience teaching for Maple Bear. I have been very lucky in teaching the global class. This means that my students learn English for the full day, and I get to spend the whole day with them! My teaching assistant and I have had a very good working and personal relationship; we are able to work as a team. The best part about the Maple Bear curriculum is that we are able to adapt it to suit different needs, or developmental levels of the children in our classroom. I have the freedom to choose how to deliver the materials that I choose, within the framework of the thematic unit set out in the curriculum.

My students are wonderful. They are between four and six years old, and they each have their own interesting personalities. It has been such a pleasure to watch them grow as individuals, as well as interact with each other in new and exciting ways. I have become very attached to them, and I enjoy every day that I have with them.