In addition to the central location, convenient transportation, the utility system, in which schools play a very important role in making an ideal safe environment.

Schools – utilities are indispensable

In Australia, houses near St George Girls High School in New South Wales cost more than $ 50,000 compared to neighboring areas, while rental rates near Westfield Sports High are also 10% higher.

In a survey in the United States, data showed that 35% of Americans with children under the age of 18 wanted to have a home near the school, while 12% of those without children had the same desire. At the same time, when categorizing respondents by age, 46% of Millennials (21 – 34 years old) and 28% of Xers Gen generation (35 – 49 years old) think that houses near schools are ideal. Best.

Sunshine Group is dedicated to building Sunshine Maple Bear’s 5-star international school system right at Sunshine Riverside campus (Phu Thuong, Tay Ho, Hanoi).

In Vietnam, it is not natural that schools that grow in the premises of high-end projects are becoming a plus point in home buyers’ decisions. Especially when the situation of lack of schools, lack of classes is becoming a concern and worry of many parents. Because according to statistics of the Department of Education and Training of Hanoi, compared to the same period, the school year 2017 – 2018, although Hanoi has increased by 60 schools, 5,083 class groups, but still not enough to solve the pressing needs of the school for students … This is also a situation that has existed for many years, causing managers headaches because there is no optimal “solution”.

The enthusiasm of the big investor

As a multidisciplinary economic group, in which investment in real estate business is a key area, one of Sunshine’s goals is to bring long-term and practical benefits to the community. , including investment in developing education infrastructure system at its own projects.

Representatives of this Group once affirmed: “The interest in future generations is always our focus.” Therefore, during the past time, besides developing high-class urban areas with rich and diversified ecosystems from Trade, Service, Entertainment, … Sunshine Group has devoted much enthusiasm. invest in a modern and high-class school system within the project site.

After the success of Sunshine Maple Bear preschool chain, Sunshine Group continues to build this prestigious Canadian school system and educational brand, the first one located at Sunshine Riverside project (Phu Thuong, Tay Ho). , Hanoi).

Building Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School, Sunshine Group hopes to bring to Vietnamese people the highest educational access opportunities of the world.

Until now, in the context of scarce schools, Sunshine Group once again proves “mind” and “reach” when sacrificing large areas in the “Golden” West Ho Tay land area to develop the system. education from preschool to primary school, contributing to solving this difficulty with the management agencies.

Sunshine Maple Bear Riverside Elementary School – the elite Canadian education convergence

Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School (located in Sunshine Riverside project) in the forthcoming Sunshine Education system will serve students at Sunshine Group’s high-end projects in Nam Thang Long urban area. (Ciputra): Sunshine Riverside, Sunshine City, Sunshine Wonder Villas, Sunshine Crystal River … as well as all school-age students in this area.

It is known that, like the preschool system, Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School is invested with a “big expense” to buy copyright directly from the Maple Bear Canada education system – not any investor There is also enough potential and enthusiasm to be able to do it!

This is a program purchased from Canada’s well-known education system Maple Bear, which has been researched exclusively for English as a second language. With the principle of “learning to create the future”, students at Sunshine Maple Bear in addition to using English fluently and knowledge of intensive fields, they also formed self-reliance to be proactive. integration, creating one’s own life …

Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School is about to be attracted by a series of special elements that have never appeared in Hanoi.

Along with that is the facilities, learning equipment which are methodically, modernly invested, designed and built completely according to international standards, serving for the comprehensive development from physical to intellectual and students’ skills.

Especially, with the advantage of an investor with potential and strength in technology – Sunshine Group, Sunshine Maple Bear promises to be the smartest primary school applying 4.0 smart technology in Hanoi. This will undoubtedly be the ideal educational environment, meeting the needs of learning and training of Sunshine children of 5-star international standards. A 4.0 school that catches the trend of the world is the perfect environment for your children to grow to become global citizens in the future.

Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School is the first primary school in Vietnam under the Maple Bear Global Education organization based in Vancouver (Canada) with over 300 preschools and elementary schools operating in 16 countries around the world. Including: USA, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Morocco, Sri Lanka, China, Korea, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Singapore, UAE, Kenya, Philippines, Vietnam).

For more information about Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School, please visit:


Hotline: ‎‎‎‎090 154 6655



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