• Be inquisitive and passionate about discovering the world around.
  • Be confident to be yourself: Students are encouraged to develop their strength and potential.
  • Develop personally independent awareness: teachers encourage pupils to have their own voice and express themselves in their unique manner.
  • Analytical thinking: students are encouraged to think independently and form their own knowledge and self-awareness.
  • Adapt flexibly: sensitive communication and behavior, quick adaptation to different situations and circumstances.
  • Creative thinking: students are always encouraged to form the inflection of asking the question “what will happen if…” to find out everything happening around.
  • Dominant start: Students at Maple Bear school are equipped with skills and knowledge to take a dominant start in primary level, especially English proficiency.
  • Global: Form a strong bilingual foundation English – Vietnamese and behavioral culture, knowledge and cognition for pupils. The students will be ready to become a global citizen when growing up.

Why Canadian education should be chosen?

Since 1970, Canadian education has officially become the bilingual education (English and French). Canada is the leader in education when invested 8% of total GDP in education and maintenance of teaching quality by using well-qualified teachers and modern equipment for classrooms. Hence, Canadian pupils in the last 10 years have been successful in Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) triennially.  

In 2009, PISA arranged that Canada ranks 3 in OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) and ranks 5 in Maths and Science. In English speaking countries, Canada ranks 1 in Reading skill and Maths, ranks 2 in Science.

From 2012, Canada, compared to other English speaking countries, kept high rank in these three areas. 

Education Method

Maple Bear Pre-School Program is built by Canadian educational experts on the strong basis of children’s all development aspects at the age of Pre-primary: intellect, creativity, sentiment, society and physics to help children learn more efficiently.

School’s training program is built on the pedagogical rules following:

1. Each child is a center- whether in small group or large class

Create a healthy environment so that children have the feeling of being listened and want to express their ideas; Observe, encourage and regulate timely to help children more confident so that they can promote their strength.

2. Inspire children so that they are learning without knowing that

Teachers draw children’s attention through games, songs or extracurricular activities. Therefore, children are inspired to find out and discover everything around by themselves and have an early overview of studying activities.

3. Using integrate textbook and method

Subjects are not separated but they support each other in topics. By this method, new concepts are taught through planned activities for each small group or whole class.

4. Teachers observe each children

Through all activities, children are given chance to discover their own world with their own tempo and ability.

5. Encourage children to express their thought and creativity.

6. Learning environment is always attractive, safe and well-organized.

7. Maths and language skills

Children get skills suitable for their age in each development stage.

Educational advantage of Vietnamese – English bilingual method

Since 1970, Canadian education has officially become a bilingual education. With these experiences, Maple Bear pre-school training program allows children to learn and think in 2 languages naturally. This helps children develop their cognition more comprehensively and flexibly in order to prepare for the integration in international environment in the future.

Maple Bear does not merely teach a second language but also Maple Bear teachers teach children how to learn and think in 2 languages.

Maple Bear Schools in the world bring about pre-primary programs taught with Immersion method.

Highlight of Maple Bear program

  • English learning method in lingual “immersion” environment.
  • Query Teaching and Learning method: Learning through asking questions, observing, studying and applying.
  • Develop creativity and skills of solving problems.
  • Independent learning awareness and team work.
  • Learning center: the child-centered method with observation of teachers.
  • Usually evaluate studying periodically.
  • Reading program: form the reading habit for children.
  • Focus on developing cognitive skill at high level: thinking instead of learning by heart.


Maple Bear’s vision is to combine Canada’s educational activities – a child-centered system – to bring Canadian preschool education to children around the world.

To ensure that the Maple Bear high educational standards are maintained, Global Maple Bear pays quality audit visits at each school once or twice a year with highly qualified educators and administrators from Canada.

These visits are valuable to schools that help them develop professional for staff, and provide suggestions for improving and developing teachers as well as giving feedback and evaluations that help the school improve its quality and development.