At Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten, passion for exploring the world, personal interests, teamwork skills are built and trained through games and activities. All kinds of intelligence are respected, discovered early and cultivated to honor positive emotions, helping children to form comprehensive characters.

  • Canada Education quality:Sunshine Maple Bear’s program adheres to Canadian preschool education standards – the world’s top quality education. Sunshine Maple Bear using the copyright of the preschool curriculum of Maple Bear and gets a rigorous quality accreditation every year from the Maple Bear Canada education system.
  • Excellent bilingual ability:With Immersion method, not only teaching a second language but Sunshine Maple Bear also teaches children how to learn and think flexibly in both languages
  • Outstanding start: Graduation from Sunshine Maple Bear are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully study in public, private and international schools. Students have a strong start at the elementary level in academic and social skills, especially English.
  • Comprehensive development:In addition to knowledge content, the program also expanded to develop social, emotional, physical, creative and artistic skills for children through daily activities.
  • Mental and physical safety:By adopting Canada’s advanced educational methods and the world in early childhood education, children learn in a safe and loving environment. The teachers at Sunshine Maple Bear work with the heart and love children.
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“Coming to Sunshine Maple Bear, I was most impressed by the school facilities. The classrooms are open, wide and have enough natural light. The library is beautiful and the multi-play system stimulates the children’s passion for movement. Especially the learning environment is very friendly, positive and safe.

After a period of time studying here, my child has made remarkable progress every day. Her language ability and emotional coordination develop very well compared to their peers. She know how to share, how to greet, be polite to adults, be bold and confident …

Mrs. Tran Thi Quynh Hoa

(Mother of Le An, Panda Bears class)


Our family are very reassured because all health status and learning progress of my child is updated daily through LittleLives Family Room application. Each lesson is carefully prepared and meticulously prepared with lots of games for children.

The most obvious change is that after only one week of schooling, I have mastered the habit of sleeping on time and mastered the skill of holding a spoon well. ”

Mrs. Nguyen Tra My

(Mother of Nhat Minh, class Teddy Bears)

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