CitySmart Introduction

CitySmart is an education group from Canada. It started education business in Vietnam in 2004. CitySmart specializes in offering unique and invaluable education experience based on international-standard methodologies and programs. We develop our learning tools in-house to help our students learn a foreign language in a fun and effective way.  We design our schools for the safety of our students, and equip the facilities with the latest technologies and equipment to enhance the learning process.  We also select the locations of our schools for the convenience for our customers. 

Our foreign teachers, local teachers, managers, education experts, and supporting staff are carefully chosen. Each is highly qualified, motivated, and passionate in what they do. By doing the above, we provide the best education possible for our students, and we satisfy the needs and concerns of our demanding parents and customers. We believe education is the shared task of the school, the parents and the community. It works best if there is a close coordination and cooperation among all the parties.

Our Mission      

Our Mission includes the following:

  • to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to become successful in the future while helping them discover their hidden talents and potential;
  • to enrich their development and encourage a lifelong love of learning in a fun, interactive and effective environment;
  • to provide highly qualified and caring teachers and staff who are life-long learners in our fast-changing society; and
  • to provide well-established and proven education programs from overseas.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the first choice for parents when selecting education programs and to be the most popular and prestigious International Education Provider in Vietnam.

Our Activities

  1. Provide early childhood program, summer camps in Vietnam and overseas, and after school programs from Canada, USA, UK, and Australia for children from 12 months to 12 years old. For more information, please visit: and
  2. Research, design and create equipment and tools for teaching English for children and adults such as easy-Talk pens, easy-Talk books and related learning materials.

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  1. Provide education programs in Hospitability and Culinary Arts, and granting international and local certificates and diplomas from qualification bodies such as BTEC, CTH, WSET, and VTOS.

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  1. Provide tailored-learning English programs for students and working adults using the latest methodologies and technologies from Switzerland.

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