Maple Bear Team

Rodney Briggs, President, Maple Bear Global Schools Ltd.

Mr. Briggs graduated from the University of Manitoba with a B.A. and M.A. (International Relations). He was the recipient of the J.W. Dafoe scholarship for studies in International Relations.

In 1981, he joined the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and served abroad at Canada’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, in the Kingdom of Thailand, studied Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan, worked at the Canadian Embassy in the People’s Republic of China, and concluded his distinguished diplomatic career in the Republic of Korea. He also served as President of the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers. In addition to Mandarin Chinese, he also speaks French.

In 1996, Mr. Briggs joined the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada as the Vice-President responsible for the Canadian Education Centre Network project and in 1997 became the first President of the newly-formed non-profit company, the Canadian Education Centre Network. In this capacity he was responsible for building the network from three centres in the Asia-Pacific region into an entity with a presence in 17 countries spanning the globe. He also oversaw the establishment of the CEC Network’s subsidiary CECN Global Schools Ltd. and conceived the Maple Bear education system.

In March, 2007 he resigned as President of the CEC Network and purchased CECN Global Schools Ltd from the CEC Network.

Program Developers and Academic Support Team

Jeff holds the degrees of M.Ed. (School Administration), B.Ed. (Intermediate and Senior Sciences), M. Sc. (Plant Systematics) and B. Sc. (Honours Biology). He also has been awarded Levels 1 and 2 School Administrators Certificates. Mr. Anderson has served as a teacher of advanced sciences in High School, Science Department Head, Provincial Curriculum Consultant for elementary Sciences, and Vice Principal and Principal of English and Immersion Schools. Mr. Anderson has studied in various English and French language universities in Ontario and Manitoba. During his years as a younger student, he spent a year in Morocco at High School and graduated in Toronto from the Ontario Science Centre School. As Curriculum Consultant Mr. Anderson developed Science programs for all levels of the school system and created numerous support resource materials for Science education. He has been invited to present to Science teaching organizations and school districts across Canada. He has represented Canadian schools in projects in France and Korea. His publications include scholarly documents on school administration as well as on Science topics including "Systematic implications of isozyme number variation in tribe Brassiceae" and "Genetic variation in native and introduced populations of Sinapis arvensis L". His work in Science has been presented in Lisbon, Calgary, Saskatoon and Yokohama. Mr. Anderson's primary interests include school administration, immersion education and science education in the elementary grades. Mr. Anderson has conducted Science teaching workshops in Brazil as part of the Maple Bear team.

Janet received her university and teacher training in New Zealand and in Canada. She is a very experienced and respected teacher of young children, having worked in Canada, London (England) and New Zealand. Ms Andrews has a particular interest in primary level English Language Arts and Science and has participated in the development of program materials for those subjects in Canadian schools. Her teaching has included work with Special Education classes, regular primary classes and English Language Arts in French Immersions Schools. Ms Andrews has worked as a cooperating teacher and mentor for many young teachers in Canada. She has worked as a teacher at the Maple Bear Jongno Campus in Seoul, Assistant Director of the Jongno Maple Bear Campus and as Curriculum Director for Maple Bear Korea. Ms Andrews has trained Maple Bear teachers in China and Brazil.

Marie has been a respected elementary teacher (Grades 1-5, special needs and English Language specialist) in Winnipeg, Canada and Australia for more than 20 years. Her academic background includes: M Ed (Curriculum Development for gifted Students) Pre-Master's Program (Reading Development) and B Ed and B A (Double Honours).In recognition of her work as a teacher, Ms Buisson was nominated for the Lieutenant Governor's Elementary Teacher Award in 2001. Ms Buisson has made a strong and consistent contribution to the educational community as: a Faculty advisor to students at University of Manitoba; School Enrichment Co-ordinator; Divisional Enrichment Team member; English Language Arts Specialist; and, English Language Arts test Development Committee. Ms Buisson has conducted several training sessions for Maple Bear teachers in Brazil. She has worked as a Maple Bear consultant in Korea, assisting with opening of new schools.

Terril Butterworth has extensive teaching experience from Kindergarten to Grade 8, in addition to having been an Elementary Curriculum Consultant, a Coordinator of Elementary Curriculum for a large school district and an Elementary School Vice-principal and Principal.

Terril’s Bachelor of Education is from the University of British Columbia. She has additional specialist qualifications in Primary Education, and in Science in Primary Junior Education from Queen's University (Ontario), and Principal's Qualifications from the University of Ottawa.

Terril has mentored student teachers from the University of Ottawa, Nipissing University, State University of New York (Potsdam) and Queen's University. She received an award from Queen's University for her work as an Associate Teacher.

Terril has provided professional development to Early Childhood Educators, Elementary and Secondary Teachers, Principals, and Parent groups. She has been part of the Province of Ontario’s Curriculum Impelentation teams. Internationally Terril taught two summer programs in Beira, Chimoio and Nhamatanga, Mozambique. She has also done considerable work with Maple Bear Schools in Brazil and Mexico.

Karen’s career includes 20 years teaching in Early and Middle School classrooms and 10 years as an Elementary & Middle School Program Consultant. Currently she is consulting on K-12 literacy projects in Manitoba and the Middle East. Much of her Professional Development service has been devoted to the areas of early literacy development, the reading and writing process, comprehensive literacy, formative assessment, literacy planning and literacy coaching.

Karen has served on numerous writing teams including the provincial ELA Curriculum and ELA Assessments teams, the TD National Reading Project and numerous Sunrise Division foundational projects such as teacher and student reading and writing continuums. She is a member of the writing team for Literacy Place for the Early Years and Moving Up with Literacy Place, the first comprehensive literacy programs written for Canadian teachers, published by Scholastic Canada. Karen’s training work for Maple Bear begins in Brazil.

Don’s value to Maple Bear educators and owners is his long experience in both Canadian and International Education, He has the ability to assess whether a school is successful and , if not, what needs to be done to improve. Don spent 34 years in Ontario education as an elementary teacher, adult education teacher, principal, superintendent and ultimately Director of Education for a large geographical area with responsibility for all facets of public schools which offered elementary, secondary and adult education programs in English or French.

Since his retirement in 1998 he served for two years as a humanitarian worker in Myanmar where the key project was working with High School English teachers. He was Director of the Canadian International School of Egypt for two years and was full-time Academic Director for Maple Bear Brazil for two years. Don presently fulfills the Academic Director role when there is a transition between full-time directors in a country. He has had this experience in Brazil, Mexico and Asia. Don also regularly does short Quality Assurance assignments, mainly in Brazil, but he has also visited Maple Bear Schools in Mexico, Korea, China and Vietnam.

In addition to holding teacher certification for the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba, Don holds Principal, Supervisory Officer and Special Education qualifications. Don's university studies in Ontario have led to a B.A., B. Ed., M. Ed. and all but thesis in an Ed. D. in Educational Administration.

Brenda holds an M Ed from the University of Western Ontario and a B Ed from the University of Windsor. She holds certificates as a Primary Education specialist and a Special Education specialist. Ms. Gear has worked as a Kindergarten teacher, elementary teacher, teacher of gifted students and a School District Consultant in Special Education early years. Ms. Gear is the recipient of the Award of Distinction for outstanding contributions to education in London, Ontario. She has had a very successful career as a Principal and Vice Principal of elementary Schools in Ontario, Canada. Ms Gear served as Director of Maple Bear in Korea for two years and has also conducted Maple Bear extensive training sessions in India, Brazil and Mexico.

Meredith has taught early years and elementary children for more than 15 years in the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. She holds an Advanced BA, University of Saskatchewan, a pre-Master's year at Carleton University in Ottawa and a B Ed , University of Saskatchewan. She brings a global perspective to Maple Bear work as a result of living and studying in several parts of Canada, France and Spain. Meredith has specialized in education at the Kindergarten level and has been a leader in training Maple Bear teachers in India, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Morocco and France. Her particular interests are: training teachers to integrate learning in all subject areas at the pre-school level; developing literacy skills appropriately at the pre-school levels; curriculum development for early years; and, working with young teachers to develop their teaching skills.

Jamie McHugh-Lachiver taught early years and elementary school for many years in Manitoba. She was an elementary school Principal in both Canada and Egypt. Jamie’s educational experience includes working as a Special Education Resource Teacher, a Faculty Advisor for the University of Manitoba, and an ESL/EAL instructor for both the Manitoba provincial government and the Canadian Federal government. Jamie served as a member of the committee that developed the provincial training standards for Teacher Assistants. She wrote curriculum and teaching modules for alternative education. Jamie has conducted professional development training sessions on Inclusion, Differentiated Instruction and Classroom Management. Jamie holds a B.Ed. a Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Education, a Pre-Masters in ESL and English Language Arts, and a Bachelor of Arts. Jamie has worked as an Academic Support Trainer for Maple Bear Schools in Brazil.

Paula Mckenzie has been practicing in Education for the past 36 years. She graduated from Acadia University (Wolfville, Nova Scotia) with combined degrees of Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education. During her teaching career with the Chignecto Central School Board in Nova Scotia, Canada she taught various grade levels including Grades five, three, two and Special Education. In the year 2003, the school board awarded Ms. McKenzie a one year sabbatical leave for study. During this time, she completed her Masters of Education in Literacy at Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Besides classroom responsibilities, Ms. McKenzie worked for her Board as a Literacy Mentor in which she helped other teachers implement curriculum in their classrooms. She also served as a Literacy Liaison, preparing and presenting inservicing of Board initiatives to her teaching peers. In retirement, she was rehired over a two-year period by the School Board to serve as a Literacy Consultant. Her duties involved working with small groups of children aged 6 to 8 over a period of 25 days to help them improve their reading, writing and spelling skills. Ms. McKenzie recently joined Maple Bear Canada as a teacher-training consultant.

Jocelyn is an educational leader with strong experience in teaching, program management and school administration. Ms. McPike has a B Ed and has taught Kindergarten and elementary grades. She has worked as a Resource teacher, district coordinator and school vice-principal and principal for several years. Ms McPike has done additional training on many important topics: leadership development, advanced leadership development, numeracy and literacy development.

In addition to working on Maple bear program development, Ms. McPike has been very active in developing educational programs and workshops: Writing for Early and Middle Years - implementation and development of K-4 student writing continuum and facilitating in-servicing and instruction in the writing traits for Grades 5-8. She has conducted workshops for Maple Bear in Brazil and Mexico and she has been a leader in the development of Maple Bear training materials in literacy.

Art has had a long career of focus on early childhood learning with an additional interest in English as a Second Language, Educational Administration and Wellness programs. Mr. Pfeffer holds undergraduate degrees in Arts and Education and has done Graduate studies in Sociology, English as a Second Language and Educational Administration. He is certified as a Principal in the Manitoba Educational system. In addition to a successful career as a teacher of young children, leader of special needs support teams, student teacher supervisor and Assistant Principal in Canada, Mr Pfeffer has done national and international presentations in the fields of English as a Second Language, Autism, Behaviour Disorders and Personal Wellness Management. His international experience has included presentations to teachers in Belize, China, Korea, Mexico and Brazil. Mr. Pfeffer has been the Assistant Director of Maple Bear Jongno Campus in Seoul, Curriculum Director for Maple Bear Korea and Maple Bear School Director in Seoul.

Angela Quinn has over 35 years of experience teaching from Kindergarten to Grade 12 as well as adults. She has a Master's degree from the University of Ottawa as well as Specialist Certification in Second Language Learning and Special Education. Angela has worked as a classroom teacher, an Elementary School Principal and Second Language Curriculum Consultant. She has presented workshops on the following topics: literacy strategies (read aloud, shared reading, guided reading and independent reading), organizing and implementing learning centres, comprehension strategies, differentiated learning (based various levels of thinking skills), classroom management, assessment and evaluation, planning and delivery of curriculum. Angela is currently second language course instructor for York University.

Angela has worked as a Maple Bear Academic Support trainer in Brazil and Mexico.

Claire is a leading Canadian specialist in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Taillefer has worked as an early childhood teacher, second language teacher, early childhood program developer, teacher trainer, illustrator of books for young children and school director.

She is a recognized western Canadian leader in programming for Nursery and Kindergarten schools in English and in French Immersion settings. Ms Taillefer has developed early childhood science programs used in the Province of Manitoba, led a provincial group in developing a handwriting program and workbook for Grade 1 and Represented Canadian teachers in program assessment visits to schools in Chad and Cameroon. She has been an active advisor and trainer for Maple Bear in Brazil, Mexico Vietnam and India.

Leona Wiens is an experienced early and middle years teacher with over 30 years teaching experience. She has taught in grades 1-9 in Manitoba schools. Her main interest has been the teaching of language arts. She served on the provincial committee reviewing the Manitoba language arts curriculum looking at how to integrate the use of technology into the daily program. She holds a Bachelor of Education and a Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Education in Technology and Curriculum from the University of Manitoba. She has served on many school and division based committees representing her school in the area of language arts both in curriculum delivery and reporting to parents. She also worked for the University of Winnipeg as a Faculty Advisor for student teachers where the primary focus was to develop effective classroom teaching skills. She has had many varied experiences with Maple Bear Global Schools. She has participated in curriculum writing and also coordinated program writers in developing the BridgeS Maple Bear program. She was a teacher at Maple Bear Jongno Campus in Seoul, Korea and Curriculum Director for Maple Bear Korea. She has trained teachers in Korea and worked in numerous schools in Mexico and Brazil.