Sunshine Group Introduction

Sunshine Group is a business conglomerate that has been operated in a number of
industries such as: real estate, Commerce – Service – Communication, Education… with a slogan: “We do what we said to create the real value”. Sunshine Group has become the top trusted conglomerate in every single industry that we are operating in.

In real estate industry, all Sunshine Group projects are luxurious and unique in their design and construction, which ensures a high life quality for their residents. These projects are potential investment opportunities because of their luxurious, elegant and unique design.

Beside high demands in doing the construction and choosing materials, we also care about the environment, culture and society within and around the projects so that every Sunshine Group estate can be in good quality, elegant in details and proudly stand out in the city. They are truly wonderful constructions with cultural beauty that will remain through times.

Unlike other investors who use available technologies, Sunshine Group has developed its own technological solutions in order to provide the highest satisfaction to its customers. We are proud of being the pioneer in using smart technology to cater for the needs of our residents and bringing Industrial Revolution 4 into Vietnam

By using latest technologies that we are building and completing, our residents can easily control the amount of consumed electricity via mobile phones, order service via mobile applications, pay the bills via digital wallets – a convenient middleman.

Besides investing in real estate projects, one of the initial purposes of Sunshine Group is to contribute essential benefits to the society and to develop the educational infrastructure with international standards.

Not focusing on the short-term interests and concentrating on the long-term benefits for the whole society, Sunshine Group has spent a considerable amount of land to construct a better educational infrastructure. All Sunshine Group residents can feel satisfied with a wide range of privileges, one of which is an ideal educational environment which can meet the demands of Sunshine children.

With a concentration on the future generation development, Sunshine Group has signed the strategic cooperation with CitySmart – the leading prestigious unit in developing the educational system with international standards for Vietnamese students and a 5-star international nursery school named Sunshine Maple Bear has been built and developed. 

Sunshine Maple Bear Nursery school belongs to Maple Bear international education group, whose head quarter is located in Vancouover, Canada (this group has more than 250 nursery schools in 14 different nations). All these schools use latest nursery programs which have been created by leading Canadian educational experts. In Vietnam, Maple Bear has been operated for 8 years with 3 branches in Hanoi and 3 in HCMC.

In order to build a concrete foundation for children’s development during pre-school period (this includes knowledge, creativity, sentiment, society awareness and physical health), Sunshine Maple Bear only uses teaching methods and pedagogical principles which have been proved to bring positive outcomes in reality.

Equipped with the latest educational condition and infrastructure, Sunshine Maple Bear can confidently build its own educational system which both promotes the national identity and inherits the global educational sciences.

The main strength of Sunshine Maple Bear does not only lie on either economic potential or the cultural foundation from multi-national group, but it also sources from the talented and dedicated teachers who are perfectly trained in Canada according to Maple Bear international educational methods.

Together with constructing and developing the 5-star nursery school Sunshine Maple Bear, Sunshine Group and CitySmart Group promise to further cooperate in order to be the pioneer in building a deserved trademark in education, bringing the upmost benefits for the residents – the kings and queens of Sunshine.

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