World Reference

Since 1970, Canadian education is officially bilingual (English and French). Canada is a world leader in education, investing 8% of its gross GDP on education and maintaining an excellent level of teaching with qualified teachers and well equipped classrooms. As a result, Canadian students, for the past 10 years, have been very successful in the Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA), conducted every three years.

In 2009, PISA ranked Canada 3rd among OECD member countries in reading, and 5th in both Mathematics and Science. Canada was first among English-speaking nations in Reading and Mathematics, and second in Science.

Again in 2012, Canada maintained strong performance and outperformed other English-speaking countries in all three evaluations.


Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA)

The PISA, Programme for International Students Assessment is conducted in public and private schools in several countries and assesses 15 year old students in three different areas of knowledge: mathematics, reading and science. Its goal is to produce indicators on the effectiveness of the educational systems from the students’ capacity to analyze, think and apply the acquired curricular knowledge and skills.