4 reasons why Sunshine Maple Bear attracts parents

VietnamnetSunshine Maple Bear International Primary School – a new school in Tay Ho area, is considered the best solution for parents with modern educational philosophy and methods.

The first international elementary school in Vietnam bought Maple Bear copyright

With the Maple Bear program, students will enjoy the quintessence of Canadian education. This program is researched by leading experts for countries teaching English as a second language.

The program has successfully implemented in more than 300 schools in 17 countries around the world such as the United States, China, Bangladesh, Brazil, India, South Korea, Vietnam, Morocco, Singapore, United Arab Emirates. Unity, Mexico, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kenya and the Philippines.

Knowledge creation with top education experts

In addition to the highly updated English program, the Maple Bear program also provides a curriculum with local elements, complementing the Canadian program. This helps parents solve their “unsuitable” worries and open more options for students. Because children will be prepared and highly adaptable to easily transfer, cross-transfer in any domestic or international environment.

At Sunshine Maple Bear, students participate in learning and experience activities with leading Canadian experts.

Regular learning, experience, and fun with foreign experts are very helpful in the process of bilingual children, helping students naturally absorb language through activities. There, teachers use language as a tool to communicate and teach content, helping children access new languages ​​similar to their mother tongue approach.

Relaxing and modern learning spaces All teachers are trained, receive system of textbooks and copyright lectures, equipped with standard appropriate teaching tools. To ensure that Maple Bear’s high standards of education are maintained, administrators and appraisals of the global Maple Bear system will conduct quality accreditation visits each year at the school. The visits aimed to evaluate and make timely suggestions to improve the quality of training and teaching of teachers.

Many parents who visit Sunshine Maple Bear International Primary School share an impression of the green and close learning environment. Each campus is designed with relaxing corners, giving teachers and students a comfortable feeling after stressful lessons.

The project has an area of ​​over 5,000 m2, including 5 floating floors and a basement, which is integrated with many utilities such as experimental gardens on roofs, canteen, kitchen, health care area, multi-purpose classrooms … serving for the development of both physical and intellectual, life skills of children.

Friendly and inspiring learning environment

All equipment in classrooms, students’ learning materials, or functional rooms are arranged and designed according to Maple Bear Canada’s strict standards that will help parents feel secure.

Unbounded in theoretical lessons, students of Sunshine Maple Bear always feel relaxed and comfortable when they come to school with interesting learning projects. Here, children are encouraged to be creative, learn the things they are passionate about, get the “wrong right” and test ideas from existing experiences and insights to draw lessons …

Not only feel the safety and love from teachers and friends, more importantly, children always love going to school and getting ready for the next experience.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong – Huong Thanh’s parents, joined the Club (Classroom) and entered the 1st grade at Sunshine Maple Bear International Primary School, said: “Only 2 sessions have been attended, but I am very proud. inspired to get to know new friends, learn English, learn to dance. I am more confident and confident when I know a new language and constantly express positive emotions. ”

On 11 May 2019 Sunshine Maple Bear International Primary School will welcome parents and students at the event “Opening Day”. This is considered a bridge event, helping parents for the first time to visit the facilities system and exchange two-way information about modern learning programs and methods. In addition, students will be able to satisfy their hyperactivity and personal preferences when attending experience classes on music, science and movement.

To welcome the new school year, Sunshine Group sponsors the Scholarship Fund for the first students to enroll in the 2019 – 2020 school year. The total value of the scholarship fund is up to VND 64.9 billion.

Parents interested in the international learning model can register for the event here.

Hotline: 090 154 6655

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/SSMB.ElementarySchool/

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