Sunshine Maple Bear Education System would like to send to parents and students information about Pre-Primary School Club – GO WITH ME.

1. AUDIENCE: Students born in 2016

Duration: 15 sessions, every Saturday and Sunday

Form: Online or In person (depending on the actual situation).


Joining the Club, children will be acquainted with particularly interesting subjects:

Global Citizen (Including English and Science): Expose children to English and standardize it from the outset for easy access to higher levels that meet Maple Bear English program standards. The subject also provides useful age-appropriate vocabulary to help children initially use basic vocabulary and simple sentence patterns.

After completing the course, children will be bolder and more confident in the English communication environment; develop thinking, language and form life skills through the integrated English learning method (integrated subject topics: Mathematics, Science, age-appropriate intellectual and motor games, stories, songs, etc.).

Brainstorming (IQ and Logical Thinking): Students are introduced to and explored with basic shapes, numbers from 0 to 10; position in space and get acquainted with some forms of mental math. From there, it stimulates exploratory and creative thinking to get acquainted with the world, and to apply mathematical knowledge to life.

Make friends with letters and numbers: Students can review the alphabet; practice painting basic strokes. Each theme is a world of letters and numbers coming to children gently and attractively. From there, the children can be confident with the knowledge base in grade 1.
Discover yourself with 4 themes:

– Theme 1: Self-help

– Theme 2: Respect

– Theme 3: Empathy

– Theme 4: Ambition and Shine

In this subject, students have the initial skills of planning, monitoring their self-control, and adapting through the leadership handbook in a simple, easy to understand, close and practical way. Children are also trained in some simple skills such as greeting, saying thank you, apologizing, essential self-service skills, synergy, and respect for themselves and their friends. In addition, the children also get acquainted with and develop their ability to express themselves in the language of storytelling and create the world through stories.

Concord, create with the world (Music and Art are intertwined):

Students perceive music through the integration of rich themes in life with music. From there, children can feel the love of family, love of life. The subject also helps children have acting skills, performing on stage, increasing confidence and cooperation, responsibility… With fine arts, children are familiar with movement, lines, and colors. , create a colorful world through objects that stick with the life around them, Make use of materials to create art products.

Passion for sports (Physical):

Instruct students to familiarize themselves with the basic techniques in basketball, while helping students practice basic motor skills such as footwork, speed, movement, balance, coordination. The exercises are designed with equipment and difficulty appropriate for the age and level of the child. Practice sessions are integrated with games to create excitement for the class, so that students “learn while playing”, effectively support in practice.

Go with me with children to prepare adaptation and integration skills; at the same time practice thinking ability, language and life skills… to confidently enter a completely new learning environment at Primary level.


3.1 Register online: AT HERE

3.2 Direct registration:

Parents who wish to have their children join the “Go with me” club register and complete procedures at:

Admissions Office – Sunshine Star Primary School Maple Bear Canada – Tay Ho

Sunshine Riverside urban area, Phu Thuong, Tay Ho, Hanoi.

Hotline:  090 154 6655


Facebook:   Sunshine Maple Bear School.