To reinforce and improve knowledge for children, normally every year the school will organize about 10 field trips. field trips, practical picnics. During the field trips, children can directly observe, discover and cultivate knowledge according to each topic studied throughout the school year. A number of picnic activities will be organized to enhance practical experience and practice life skills. Information about field trips will be communicated to families at least 1 week in advance.

Starlight Primary School Maple Bear Canada – Tay Ho attaches great importance to field trips and considers it a important part of the curriculum. The school’s experiential learning method also clearly demonstrates the importance of this activity. Accordingly, during the school year, students will participate in about 10 field trips and field trips. This is an opportunity for students to directly observe, explore and refine their knowledge according to each topic learned throughout the school year, while enhancing practical experience and practicing life skills.

Extra-curricular activities are one of the important areas of educational activities at schools in educating students to develop. comprehensive development. Participating in extracurricular activities not only helps them improve their health, relieve fatigue after stressful school hours, but also has the meaning of supporting mainstream education, contributing to the development and improvement of their personality. fostering students’ giftedness and creative talents.