When a school year is about to pass, it is time for children to be away from books and freely find their own hobbies. Parents can “give” their children an educational way to help them grow up, be independent, and take responsibility for themselves with summer camps with interesting experiences.

With the desire to bring children a true summer, away from books and Ipad, this year, Sunshine Maple Bear connects with Cara Life Skills Education System –  American Standard Child Life Skills System Digital 1 Vietnam, which has 11 years of experience in organizing summer camp Sunshine Summer Camp 2021, promises to create a free space and time, close to nature, to help children grow up this summer.

The summer camp program is designed based on 5 elements: 21st century skills, English, physical fitness, art, and outdoor experiences to help children unleash their imagination to role-play on the journey to discover 02 regions. Avatar Land and Pandora Land, learn to protect the two lands from invaders and build the land together as you build your own dream world through fun, colorful summer activities. The children experience both difficulties and challenges to handle themselves, thereby gaining more experience to overcome many bigger difficulties in the life ahead.

Sunshine Summer Camp 2021 includes 02 summer camp programs for students to choose from with different focuses in accordance with their special interests and personalities:

Avatar Land – Cyber World – Technology Planet with activities such as understanding the origin of life, planetary models, natural disasters, floods, and environmental pollution; go find clean water sources, create future cities; experience STEAM, Robotics 4.0 with creative activities to model night lights, make compasses, hourglasses, telescopes; Lessons about self-worth, dreams, solidarity, top study skills or participating in interesting picnics, exploring the forest, exploring the sea, ….

Study time Cost Preferential scholarship price for students in Maple Bear Vietnam system Lunch and afternoon snacks Tổng
1 week 3,250,000 2,950,000 250,000 3,200,000
2 weeks 4,950,000 4,450,000 500,000 4,950,000
3 weeks 6,950,000 6,350,000 750,000 7,100,000
4 weeks 8,250,000 7,350,000 1,000,000 8,350,000
5 weeks 9,750,000 8,650,000 1,250,000 9,900,000
6 weeks 11,750,000 10,550,000 1,500,000 12,050,000

Cyber World Boarding Summer Camp – Tech Planet with a variety of activities such as making a 4.0 nightlight model, assembling automatic door and ambulance models, participating in an exciting race, a race Master Chef exam, practice camping skills, Camping with english teacher – craft village and sharing positive life values,…

Study time Tuition Scholarship incentives for students in the Maple Bear system VN
07 Ngày 8,650,000 7,400,000


– 15% off when 03 students in the System register at the same time

– 12% off when 03 students outside the system register at the same time

Registration deadline:Before May 25, 2021

Sunshine Summer Camp 2021 is organized and implemented by a team of experts, domestic and international teachers of US standards, English teachers of Maple Bear Canada program with modern and international standard facilities to help provides a foundation in incubating and nurturing the soul, creative thinking in children. Parents can safely send their children in the summer days and feel the positive changes of their children after each day of experience.

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