Every November 20 season, students from all over the world eagerly prepare gifts of gratitude to their teachers – boatmen who work hard to bring generations of students to the shore of knowledge. However, there is a silent teacher who always sacrifices himself so that the child can develop comprehensively in an environment filled with love. Those are parents – the first teachers in a child’s life.

Since the 2020-2021 school year, the whole education industry has faced a huge gap, a historical low point when, for a long time, students had to temporarily stop going to school and switch to online learning. Never before has the role of a teacher been so heavy on the shoulders of parents as now. Parents become solid fulcrums with their children to study and play together to build intellectual and spiritual fulcrums, closely connect family and school education methods for the goal of creating the future. of global citizens.

This November 20, besides thanking the teachers – Industrious teachers who are sowing seeds of knowledge, don’t forget to thank your parents.

Wishing you a lot of health, joy and happiness!

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