New generation of students need pressure-free competitions

Tran Minh Nhat Anh, a student of grade 1B1, Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School has just won the bronze prize in the ASMO Olympic competition, English subject. Ms. Nguyen Huong – Nhat Anh’s parent had a fresh share about competitions in general and the pressure surrounding the competition for prizes.

Need more contests without pressure

What did the family think when deciding to let Nhat Anh participate in the ASMO Olympic competition?

In fact, the fate of the contest was very coincidental. A week before the contest, the family received information from a friend and decided to let Nhat Anh participate, for the purpose of trying as well as assessing the child’s ability, strengths, and weaknesses, and helping him to have a plan. study more rationally in the future.
When participating in the contest, both parents and Nhat Anh did not set any specific goals. It’s good news if you win, but even if you don’t win, you still get a lot of things: for example, the opportunity to touch or experience. These are the factors that help children become more confident, more seasoned, not medals or achievements.

With such a goal, surely Nhat Anh’s revision is not too stressful, right?

It is true that Nhat Anh’s practice is not too stressful. I only study in class and do extra English exam questions for grades 3-4 in 2019 of ASMO, because we couldn’t find suitable reference questions for my child’s age. Also during the review process, Nhat Anh’s mother asked an English teacher of class 1B1 to support her further review and received enthusiastic help from the teacher.

Looking back at the whole training process of the child, the family finds that the child has a comfortable and happy mentality. Going to the exam is as fun as going to play. This is also the educational view of the family: never put too much emphasis on exam results. Pressure on academic results only makes competitions become a burden for children: Children who review too much will not have time to relax and balance their lives. When they do not win awards, children will be self-deprecating with a feeling of incompetence. All of these lead to undesirable consequences for the development of the children. That’s why my family always avoids.

There is no pressure to go to the exam, but when you come back and win an award, surely both parents and Nhat Anh feel very happy, right?

It is true that Nhat Anh is very happy because the first time he tried, he achieved some results. I also asked “So what color medal is the best, dad, is it beautiful?” When his father answered “yellow”, Nhat Anh joked that next time he will try to get a gold medal to see if it is more beautiful than bronze.
When my parents heard about it, they felt happy at my child’s question, but because I didn’t put much emphasis on the award, even when I won, the family also let me understand that the joy is not in the medal, but in the process. learning and knowledge acquisition.

Learning method plays an important role

To prepare Nhat Anh with the best preparation to become a successful citizen in the future, how does the family choose the educational method?

Currently, Nhat Anh is only studying completely at Sunshine Maple Bear School. Families do not allow their children to study or review any other programs or subjects. Both me and Nhat Anh’s mother believe that the best method of raising children is to give them an education and a comprehensive development environment: both intellectually and emotionally. Therefore, we do not force children to study too much, but try to create conditions for them to develop their abilities and do what they love at school and at home.

So what makes parents trust Nhat Anh at Sunshine Maple Bear?

In the summer, Nhat Anh’s parents let Nhat Anh attend the Go with me course to let her children feel in their own way. Nhat Anh likes it very much because going to school makes me very happy. After that, Nhat Anh’s parents went to the school to refer to their children’s learning and extracurricular programs with 3 other bilingual schools to compare, and felt that Sunshine Maple Bear has a similar educational method and educational program to them. educational perspective of the family.

The school has just come into operation, so parents think that the children who are the first generations will be honored to become the first preschoolers to grow up from the Sunshine Maple Bear house.

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