Not only building and developing the Sunshine Maple Bear preschool system at the chain of Sunshine Group’s projects across the country, on September 5, this real estate investor continued to sign a cooperation agreement. strategy with Maple Bear Global Schools, Canada to expand the international primary school system.

On September 5, 2018, at the headquarters of Sunshine Group (Floor 43, Landmark 72 Building – Keangnam, Hanoi) the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Sunshine Group and Maple Bear Global Schools, Canada officially took place in the construction and development of the international primary school system at Sunshine’s project.

The event marks the next step of Sunshine Group and Maple Bear Global Schools, Canada, after the two sides successfully cooperated to build the Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten system. More meaningfully, the ceremony was held on September 5 – the national opening day, which is also the time when the preschool and Sunshine Maple Bear system (Palace campus, Hoang Mai, Hanoi) officially entered the school year. In the new school year.

Bắt tay với Maple Bear Toàn cầu phát triển trường Tiểu học Quốc tế

Speaking at the ceremony, the representative of Sunshine Group, Ms. Tran Nhu Loan, Deputy General Director of the Group in charge of Education, said that towards the prosperity of society, human and quintessential values in life. Sunshine Group considers the Group’s contributions to the common interests of the community as its own prosperity and sustainable development. In particular, in the field of education, Sunshine Group wants the children of residents living in the Group’s high-class projects to have the most advanced and preeminent educational environment, and at the same time contribute to solving the needs of the residents. education needs for the neighboring population.

It is known that after the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Sunshine Group and Maple Bear Global Schools, Canada 1 year ago, the two sides have had a successful cooperation process in building and developing a standard preschool education system. 5-star standard Sunshine Maple Bear, at the first facility in Sunshine Palace project (Hoang Mai, Hanoi).

Bà Trần Như Loan, Phó Tổng Giám đốc Tập đoàn phụ trách Giáo dục phát biểu tại buổi lễ.

At Sunshine Maple Bear, students will learn the copyrighted preschool program of Maple Bear Canada. Accordingly, children are taught according to the “language absorption” method with a team of well-trained teachers from Canada, a country with the world’s leading quality education. This method helps children to naturally learn and think in both languages; at the same time gain many other benefits in terms of thinking, academic and professional advantage. Studying at Sunshine Maple Bear, children will be fully developed and have a great start in a safe environment mentally and physically.

Because of these outstanding advantages, although it has not been launched for a long time, Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten has received the support of many parents as well as received many positive feedbacks. In order to synchronously develop the Sunshine School chain of schools from kindergarten to primary school and higher levels, Sunshine Group continues to cooperate with Maple Bear in building and developing an international primary school system in Hanoi. Sunshine’s projects.

Ngay từ cấp mầm non, các bé đã được học tập trong một môi trường giáo dục ưu việt, tiêu chuẩn Quốc tế.

At the signing ceremony, Chairman of Maple Bear Global Schools, Canada – Mr. Rodney Briggs shared: “All parents around the world want to give their children a progressive educational environment. We – education enthusiasts, are very happy to cooperate with Sunshine Group – a corporation that aspires to bring the best to children in Vietnam. Maple Bear hopes this cooperation will be strong and develop further in the future.”

With 8 years of presence in Vietnam, Maple Bear has been present at 8 Kindergartens in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, Maple Bear’s students who have completed preschool can use two languages fluently, Vietnamese and English, and are ready to enter the next level of the system, to continue a synchronous educational program. Sunshine Maple Bear International Primary School will also be an open system, open to all children of other school age…contributing to solving the need for a high-quality bilingual program in Tay Ho district.

The first information about Sunshine Maple Bear elementary school

This is the first primary school in the Sunshine Maple Bear primary education system chain that will be invested and built in the Sunshine Riverside project and is one of the most prominent internal utilities of this project.

The project has an area of ​​over 5,000 m2, including 5 floors and a basement, integrated with many utilities such as experimental garden on the roof, canteen, kitchen, medical care area, multi-purpose classrooms… serve the comprehensive development of both physical and intellectual, life skills of students.

Sunshine Maple Bear’s first primary school was built at the Sunshine Riverside project campus.

With a size of 30 classes with a team of teachers, professional management, modern facilities and absolute safety system, Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School will definitely be an ideal educational environment. meet the learning and training needs of residents inside and outside Sunshine Group’s projects according to 5-star international standards.

In addition, classrooms at Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School, Riverside campus will be specially designed to be filled with natural light, multi-purpose rooms of international standards, interactive play areas, gardens. Experimental and sports fields are intelligently arranged.

The educational facilities brought by the Sunshine Riverside project have partly met the urgent needs of families, as well as brought the country’s “future preschools” with the best luggage.

According to a “leaked” source in the market, Sunshine Group will not only stop here but also prepare to deploy a royal inter-school project right in the Nam Thang Long urban area (Hanoi). It is known that this will be one of the most modern and monumental schools ever in this “golden land” area. In particular, the school converges top-notch facilities imbued with royal and aristocratic elements with perfect education quality for the upper class children of Ha Thanh.

The above moves can be considered as a methodical and strategic step of the investor Sunshine Group in the field of investment and development of the education system, creating an expensive plus point for the chain of “branded” projects. Sunshine” nationwide.

Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School system is co-operated by Sunshine Group with global education brand Maple Bear (headquartered in Vancouver (Canada), operating in 16 countries around the world including: USA, Mexico, Brazil) , Turkey, Morocco, Sri Lanka, China, Korea, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Singapore, UAE, Kenya, Philippines, Vietnam).

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