Advanced educational methods for children

Nowadays, more and more educational methods are applied with the aim of giving children the highest ability to absorb, especially with English subject. This makes choosing the most effective educational method for your child a difficult decision. Parents, please refer to the two methods applied in parallel at Sunshine Maple Bear Education System.

The osmotic method of education

The osmotic education method is considered one of the most effective methods for acquiring English in children. In the past, English lessons and lessons were often divided into categories: learning grammar, learning new words. English is a subject and the knowledge from this subject does not always bring interest to children in the learning process. The absorbent method of education means that children do not learn English as a separate subject. Children will learn English through a lot of activities, but other subjects, depending on the cognitive ability and age of the child. Students will learn Math and Science subjects in English.

Try to look back at how each child learns to speak, learn words in the first years of life. Children’s learning speed is considered very fast. In a short time, children can learn a large number of new words. But this learning is not just about learning “language”. Children learn to speak and learn about words through curiosity, recognition and exploration of the world. At Sunshine Maple Bear, the osmotic education method is similar. Children do not learn English as a compulsory subject, but learn English through a variety of subjects, activities, and experiences. From there, English will become an environment for children to “absorb” and immerse themselves in a second language. From there, children will acquire foreign languages ​​in the most natural way. Gradually, children use English fluently as their mother tongue.

Individualized educational methods

Each person is a separate individual. At the same age, the child’s development level is quite similar to that of his peers. However, individuality still determines a lot to children’s cognitive ability, receptivity as well as learning interests and development process. One difficulty is that teaching in some places takes place evenly across classrooms. All children learn the same subject, the same amount of knowledge, even though they have different perceptions. This makes many students feel discouraged or have not reached their full potential.

At Sunshine Maple Bear, education always comes with personalization. That means that the lessons and teaching periods of teachers are associated with the development and awareness and interests of each individual. Classes are usually no more than 20 members. This number of students allows teachers to follow up with each of you and build a personalized learning program. This not only maximizes children’s learning and cognitive abilities, but also creates excitement for students throughout the learning process.

Welcoming the enrollment season for the 2021-2022 school year, Sunshine Primary School has special offers for parents who register their children before March 31, 2021, specifically as follows:

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– 50% off school development fee

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The program is applicable to all grades, from grades 1 to 5. Parents, please register for admission to bring your children the most modern and advanced educational environment.

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