Colorful Respect Day in Sunshine Week

Respect Day – the second active day of Sunshine Week – is considered one of the most colorful school days. In this lesson, all Kindergarten and Primary grades have experienced and better understood the value of Respect, one of the five core values of the School.

Students are taught that respect is not only about how to behave with friends and relatives, but also about how to behave towards cultural differences of regions and countries around the world. .

In this school day, in Primary, SMber was able to explore the differences between cultures of many countries, between Vietnam and the US, Brazil or Canada… Each class also got to make its own flag. After the lesson, up to 11 different colors of the flag were completed. The vibrant colors of the flags of the countries make the class more exciting.

For those of you in Kindergarten, the little bear  learns about the culture of Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular. You can wear and perform colorful Ao Dai. In addition, students can also enjoy young nuggets – a traditional dish in Hanoi’s autumn day.

With some classes in the System, you can also color the Vietnamese flag brilliantly.

These meaningful experiences of the School not only bring laughter to the classroom, but also help students understand the common values of the Sunshine Maple Bear School System according to the Constructivist educational method, in order to build Build the image of Happy School.

The next school day in the Sunshine Week dynamic series will be Hoai Bao Day.

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