Culture Day 2021: Joy, Peace, Love

After a long hiatus due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Culture Day 2021 has officially returned, let’s take a look at the main information as well as interesting activities that will take place in the special event. this.

Culture day 2021 has the theme of JOY, PEACE, LOVE, which is expected to be the convergence of colorful cultures around the world. At the festival, the children and their parents will be traveling on a special spaceship, taking a tour around the world through the typical cultural and art pavilions of the continents, representing six countries. Countries: Korea, Mexico, Brazil, India, Canada, and Vietnam.

Each booth will open up in front of the students about a new country. Here, children will learn about culture through hands-on experiences. Coming to the Korean pavilion, the children had the opportunity to try their hand at making drums, making spinning pinwheels with various colors, wearing hanbok skirts and painting transformed clown faces. As for the Brazilian pavilion, children will be transformed into tropical aboriginals and make faces, make hats, play archery… Each booth in Vietnam, Mexico, India, and Canada will have activities. separately associated with each land. These interesting experiences promise to help the children have a fun time, and at the same time better understand the culture and integration of the countries.

Besides interesting experiences, unique dishes of each ethnic group will also be introduced to the students. At the food stall, children will be able to travel around the world with typical dishes of each country. If Vietnam has donuts and orange cakes, Korea has Tokboki, and Mexico has famous Tacos, with European and American cuisine, you will enjoy fried chicken, potatoes, fried sausages…

Also within the framework of Culture Day 2021, an exhibition of art works made by Maple Bear students and sold to raise money for charity will be displayed.

This is an opportunity for parents and children to experience and interact with the teachers, facilities and educational environment of Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School, to better understand the advanced education from the country. Maple leaf is famous for its global leading educational method. Those who love and are passionate about learning will certainly not be able to ignore the Math – English and STEAM program experience station at Sunshine Maple Bear.

Culture day 2021 with the theme JOY, PEACE, LOVE will officially take place on March 27, 2021. Admission is completely free. Parents, please register to participate to experience this unique and fascinating multicultural festival.

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