Digital Citizenship – an enhanced subject towards the 4.0 training program

With advanced teaching methods and content reference curriculum of Maple Bear Canada, Sunshine Maple Bear Education System is always appreciated for its teaching quality. The school and its teachers are always interested in finding and updating new knowledge so that students can keep up with the changes of the times.

School year 2021-2022, Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School will deploy a new English subject from  Maple Bear globally, named “Digital Citizen”. The course is applied to the international system to equip students with necessary skills to become global citizens of the 21st century, ready to enter the digital and technology world. The subject helps students have more opportunities to develop higher-order thinking, question and problem-solving skills, and skills in using technology to create products, in addition to equipping them with a knowledge base of technology. technology and computer thinking.

“Digital Citizenship” The subject consists of three areas:

With the section “Understanding the digital world”, students will be provided with knowledge related to security, safety, network security as well as personal responsibility in using the network, checking reliability. of information..

An important part of the course is to train students to use software to create products with basic knowledge of images, texts, etc.

Finally, the subject also helps students to think about computers and programming, to understand the basic knowledge with high applicability.

The school will continue to coordinate with Ms. Lenna Glade – Director of Programs, Evaluation, and Special Projects of Maple Bear Global organization to complete the training on program implementation, content and teaching methods. teach the academic coordinator and teachers in charge of the subject before the school year.

The subject is expected to help students access the digital world safely, intelligently, and catch up with global technology trends.

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