Elements of a happy classroom

According to Vnexpress – Happy classrooms create excitement for students and teachers, help children accumulate knowledge through experiential activities, maintain positive emotions…

A representative of Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School said that today, parents often face difficulties in finding the perfect learning environment for their children. Usually, people follow criteria such as: modern facilities, international bilingual program, experienced teachers… but forget that the first element to define perfection must be whether that environment brings happiness to children or not.

The happy classroom is a place where children feel “wants to come”

To put it simply, the happy classroom is a place that makes both the teacher and the student feel “want to come”. Upon arrival there will be excitement, joy, anticipation and vibes.

Unlike the traditional classroom, the happy classroom does not impose a pattern on development, but plays a role in guiding children to do what they love and are passionate about. There, children do not learn in a crammed way but learn what is meaningful to them, arouse their interest to continue to learn for themselves. Subjects are transformed into interesting lessons through games and experiences.

Children will love going to school if they are respectfully heard and heard there. Instead of scolding and threatening, let children make mistakes and express their feelings in the school environment. That will help children learn better, be more confident and sociable. From there, train your consciousness and ability to focus from your own awareness. Respect for emotions is one of the factors that create a happy classroom. Because regardless of age, children have the same anger and resentment as adults. Do not think that going to school is a privilege and that you have to be content with what you get.

Overall, a happy classroom is one that helps teachers and students both form and maintain positive emotional states. Each happy class will create a school environment where everyone who participates feels happy. Participating in happiness classes will help each individual establish healthy emotions, contributing to the development of a good personality.

Let children experience a happy classroom

In order for children to enjoy going to school, parents need to take the time to learn about school models built around the new definition of “happy classroom”. Some schools have successfully applied this model, including Primary School Sunshine Maple Bear.

In Sunshine Maple Bear’s classrooms, to feel happiness, children accumulate knowledge through experiential activities. Activities are not only within the classroom but are also held outside the classroom, helping children feel deeply about the natural world around them.

In addition to content knowledge, the program also expands the development of social, emotional, physical, creative, and artistic skills through daily activities.

Learning space greatly affects the psychological comfort of children. In each design, Primary School Sunshine Maple Bear always pay attention to bring the children a friendly and close to nature learning space. Each campus is designed with “green corners” to help teachers and students relax after stressful school hours. The children study with many of Canada’s and Vietnam’s leading STEM experts, thereby supplementing each campus. Lack of applied knowledge, improve self-study and problem-solving skills. The program is designed in the form of career modules, igniting a passion for science and providing access to fundamental skills of the future profession.

The project has an area of ​​over 5,000 m2, including 5 floors and a basement, integrating many utilities such as experimental garden on the roof, canteen, kitchen, medical care area, multi-purpose classroom… Since then serving the comprehensive development of both physical and intellectual, life skills of children.

All equipment in the classrooms, learning tools or function rooms are arranged and designed according to the rigorous standards of Maple Bear Canada.

In particular, parents can feel the happiness of their children when they come to school and a safe and loving environment at Sunshine Maple Bear. This is reflected in the fact that children are always relaxed, comfortable, excited, and energetic to be ready to experience lessons. That is one of the successes of the Maple Bear educational method from Canada – one of the countries with the world’s leading educational quality.

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