One of the preeminent benefits of Sunshine Maple Bear Education System when purchasing 100% of the Maple Bear program copyright is to inherit a modern professional development program and the company’s leading quality control and accreditation system. Maple Bear Global Organization.

?Maple Bear Global Foundation has a network of over 250 Canadian professionals with longstanding experience helping to train the organization’s teachers around the world.

? Maple Bear Global Foundation builds the best teacher training and professional development program in the world that includes training in Maple Bear’s curriculum, educational philosophy, and teaching methods.

? In accordance with regulations, the Sunshine Maple Bear Education System is inspected annually at least once by Maple Bear experts and veteran school managers to ensure that the above contents are applied correctly.

? Accreditation experts will also participate in helping schools develop school development plans in the near future to continuously improve quality.

? At Sunshine Maple Bear, teachers are regularly trained and fostered to provide opportunities for physical, intellectual, emotional, social and emotional development in a safe learning environment. In particular, teachers are always encouraged to build relationships of trust with students. This trust will help children dare to challenge, not afraid to make mistakes because they know that their opinions and ideas are always valued.
? In the school year 2021-2022, despite the impact of the epidemic, 100% of the professional development activities of the global Maple Bear organization are still organized methodically at the Sunshine Maple Bear Education System through the form of: online. Teachers who complete the course are certified by Maple Bear worldwide, and at the same time attend intensive training sessions on the subject, receive 1:1 feedback from experts after teaching. The entire teaching team highly appreciates the effectiveness of the activities and is always lucky to be trained by leading Canadian experts.

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