From February 16, 2019, the “Go With Me” club for children preparing to enter 1st grade officially started. Living every Saturday, this is a useful course of Sunshine Maple Bear to equip children with the necessary luggage so that they are no longer surprised when entering grade 1.

It is known that the club activities are designed by Vietnamese and foreign education experts according to the educational philosophy of Canada. Applying modern educational methods, participating in the course, children will have 40% of their learning time in English. Not only encapsulating class hours, the “little angels” are also allowed to participate in experiential picnics, thinking, physical and art development activities with 30% of the time outside the classroom and 20% of the time off-campus. With activities that take place outside of school, the children will have experiential learning sessions at museums, work, eco-zones… The lessons are therefore not dry and boring, but on the contrary always cause problems. Excitement and ignite a love of learning in children.

CLB Hành trang "Go With Me" sẽ khai giảng vào tháng 2/2019.
The “Go With Me” Luggage Club will open in February 2019.

Experiencing is one of the effective educational methods applied in the course. Through experiential activities within 14 weeks, children have the opportunity to develop thinking, language, physical development, nurture emotions and form skills. Essential skills for children include: self-identification, conflict resolution and adaptation in a new learning environment, self-service, self-discipline in learning and living, familiarization with languages and books, familiarize themselves with scientific and technological activities, physical training, and emotional nurturing through art activities.

Các bạn nhỏ tham gia hoạt động trải nghiệm của Sunshine Maple Bear tại hội thảo "Sunshine Maple Bear cùng con kiến tạo tương lai" diễn ra vào ngày 20/1 vừa qua.
Children participated in the experience activities of Sunshine Maple Bear at the seminar “Sunshine Maple Bear and children to create the future” which took place on January 20.

Accordingly, three main topics throughout the course include: I am myself (It’s me), I am a scientist (I’m a scientist) and Global citizen. Each topic is a useful lesson to help children better understand themselves, initially participate in scientific research activities actively, know how to organize and arrange work in a simple form, respect the cultural diversity and the ability to resolve conflicts with appropriate behavior in the new environment. In particular, the club has a day dedicated to the event “It’s me” for students to show their talents and what they have received after the club activities.

Các hoạt động trải nghiệm luôn đem đến cho các bạn nhỏ sự thích thú
Experiential activities always bring excitement to the little ones

To create conditions for their children to be equipped with the best luggage, parents should quickly register their children to join the club:

  • Opening session 1: 8:00am Saturday, February 16, 2019
  • Opening session 2: 8:00am Saturday, March 16, 2019
  • Place: Sunshine Maple Bear Elementary School (Sunshine Riverside, Tay Ho) and Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten (Sunshine Palace, Hoang Mai)

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