Halloween – The most awaited spooky festival of the year is knocking on every door. The event is an opportunity for each student to have the opportunity to learn about different cultures around the world, know how to behave in life to create good things.

With the theme “Spooky Bear Adventure”, besides the Gameshow that will be held online livestream at the end of October, the school will organize a Halloween costume festival contest. This is an opportunity for each student to show off their creativity and dress up as a character on Halloween that was previously only seen in books, newspapers, TV or told by adults. The event promises to be an emotional and inspirational playground for SMbers.

1. Time to submit entries: October 15 – October 27, 2021.

2. Audience: Students of Sunshine Maple Bear Primary & Secondary School

3. Contest rules

– Students and family members dress up as Halloween characters

– Take a photo and choose the best photo and send it to the Organizing Committee before 12:00 on October 27, 2021.
The organizers will post the best photos on the school’s FB Pages and then conduct a call for votes. Voting portal closes at 12:00 on October 29, 2021.

4. How to submit papers?
Students submit their entries through the class teacher.
Entries, please send good quality photos/videos with enough information including:

+ Title of the contest: Join the contest ”

+ Full name:

+ Your child’s class:

+ Product description (Do you dress up like the character? Is there anything special about this outfit? Why did you choose this outfit?,…)

5. Prize structure
– 01 Most Modern Costume Award

– 01 Oldest costume award

– 01 Costume Award with the most votes (voted via Facebook: 1 interaction = 1 point, 1 comment = 2 points, 1 share = 3 points)

– 02 Most Unique Costume Award

– 02 Most Impressive Costume Award

– 02 Most Impressive Costume Award

The results will be announced in the upcoming Halloween Livestream event.

? Wish the AMBER will have their own favorite product, become the “sunshine” in the black festival!

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