Witch castles are usually very creepy… Spiders are always scary… And of course, where there are ghosts hovering, that place will make the hairs on the back of our necks….

However, when all converge at Sunshine Maple Bear Education System, these scary things bring the children an extremely fun and exciting Halloween.

At Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School, the SMBers were dressed up by teachers as many different characters such as spiders, bats, princesses or even witches… Halloween started with the game ” trick or treat”. In eye-catching costumes, the students took turns asking for candy from teachers and departments at the school. Many of you are then ready to share your candy with friends, or even the janitor.

When the candy baskets were full, the friends gathered in the multi-purpose room to immerse themselves in the Halloween dance, performing their impressive costumes.

One of the parts of Halloween that makes you feel most excited is the activities at the Stations. Each Station gives SMBers a unique experience: at the STEM Station, they can build their own tower with candy and sticks; Sports Station is a place to try out interesting sports games; with the Craft Station, they can make their own bags of candy or ghosts..

As for the Kindergarten locations of Sunshine Maple Bear Education System, the little bears had a festival week filled with extremely interesting activities such as fashion shows, playing games or enjoying Halloween food. .

In the most beautiful costumes, princes, princesses, superheroes and even witches… are confident to show off their favorite costumes. The school of little bears suddenly turned into a colorful fairy-tale world. Here, children can unleash their imagination and become characters that before, they only heard in fairy tales, or in movies. In addition to the fashion show, Halloween games are one of the activities that make them enjoy the most, including: Smashing pumpkins, throwing rings, witch riding a broom… And of course, in addition to having fun. , the children also enjoy the festival food: donuts.

Halloween is an opportunity for children to learn about different cultures around the world, and also for them to better understand the good things and how to behave in life.

Every festive season passes, teachers and schools feel more happy when they see the bright faces and eyes filled with joy of the children.

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