On the afternoon of September 22, 2018, in the atmosphere of Mid-Autumn Festival across the country, Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten held a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival – Happy Mid-Autumn Festival for children inside and outside the Sunshine Palace project. (Hoang Mai, Hanoi).

“Happy Mid-Autumn Festival” – Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten is one of the activities to bring meaningful experiences to children.

With the goal of “child-centered”, in addition to focusing on investing in quality education from modern facilities to the Canadian standard educational program, the Sunshine School school system also pays special attention to creating playground, exciting environment for children through extracurricular activities, creative and engaging experiential programs.

The “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival” – Happy Mid-Autumn Festival for children inside and outside the Sunshine Palace project (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) organized by Sunshine Maple Bear preschool is one of the activities aimed at the goal. this of the Sunshine Group school system. Within the framework of the program, the children experienced many interesting and useful activities such as: making plastic cakes, pies, decorating masks, decorating with tick lights, star lights, lanterns…, practicing lion dance , sing songs on the theme of Mid-Autumn Festival and participate in many creative and movement games with biological sand.

Welcoming the Mid-Autumn Festival at Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten, the children are extremely excited to experience baking and soft cakes.

And the most fun thing, the most expected by the children is probably the “Full Moon Festival” party that is meticulously and beautifully prepared by the teachers of Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten.

Sharing about “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival – Happy Mid-Autumn Festival”, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Ha – Principal of Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten, Palace Campus – said:Happy Mid-Autumn Festival – Happy Mid-Autumn Festival nation’s traditions. At the same time, creating a healthy, useful and interesting playground for the children to be bolder and confident to participate in collective activities as well as to have good impressions and memories of childhood, feel the love and affection of each other. love of teachers and parents for children.

Within the framework of the program, parents can attend a workshop to introduce Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten.

While the children participated in the experiential activities, the parents attended the parent workshop. At the seminar, the school board shared details with parents about Maple Bear Canada’s copyrighted preeminent educational program – being applied at the school, which has proven effective through the happy growth of students. Maple Bear is born globally, with more than 300 schools in 16 countries around the world.

Experts and teachers will also help parents answer questions related to the care, upbringing and education of children, the school’s criteria to create the most similar environment, Peaceful and Happy environment for children…

At the end of the seminar, parents had a direct visit to the school’s facilities. This is an opportunity for parents to better understand the Sunshine Maple Bear bilingual school system from which they can give orientation and choose a new study program to enroll their children.

Some pictures at Happy Mid-Autumn Festival – Happy Mid-Autumn Festival of Sunshine Maple Bear Kindergarten

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