Happy school: New educational environment for young children

Anyone knows, the educational environment can positively or negatively affect the development and shape the personality and abilities of the child. But not everyone knows what the perfect educational environment is for children. How to make children grow up to both perfect their personality and develop comprehensively in both capacity and physicality is a question that worries many parents.

In recent years, parallel with the traditional public school system, many new educational models have developed in Vietnam. Adding more methods is not necessarily a positive signal. When standing in the middle of too many options, parents do not know which model is the best, most suitable for their children. Especially with education, they have almost no conditions to “experiment”. Every child is growing up day by day, and sometimes, going through the golden age of education, the opportunity to do it again is not there.

To determine the best learning environment for their children, parents need to look at their ultimate life goals. What kind of people do they want to raise their children to be? A successful, rich kid? A fully developed person in both IQ and EQ?

After all, the ultimate destination of man is happiness. A child who is raised and educated in a happy environment will surely have good development and achieve goals and great strides in the future. However, in fact, building a happy environment for children to develop has not been really paid attention and put on top.

So what is a happy educational environment?

A happy school, or a happy classroom, must first be a place where both teachers and students want to go every day. Happy teachers will increase the effectiveness of imparting and teaching knowledge to students. For students, happiness is a positive feeling that helps them develop comprehensively.

In addition to the open space element with modern facilities, the happy school emphasizes constructivist educational methods, so that children can acquire knowledge by themselves through hands-on experiences. Children can be right and can also be wrong without being criticized or criticized. Teachers are analysts and orientators, while young people build their own direction.

Sunshine Maple Bear education system always considers creating a Happy School a goal in every step of development. Each teacher’s lecture, each experiential activity that the School builds is carefully considered about the students’ actual feelings. Thanks to that, the children do not consider studying as a burden, do not consider class as a task that they have to complete every day.

At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, the School of Creation, the school organizes Sunshine Week as a stepping stone for children to be more excited to go to school after a long break. The week not only aims to emphasize the five core values ​​of the school: Self-reliance, Respect, Passion, Empathy and Shine, but also to create a positive atmosphere in the beginning of the school year. Concepts that seem to be hard are transformed into presentations and sharing; writing lessons, coloring, painting or learning about culture. That is how the school builds a happy learning environment for generations of students.

Sunshine Week is over, but a long journey still lies ahead. That journey does not stop at the Constructivist school year, but also throughout the academic life of students under the happy school Sunshine Maple Bear.

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