Not only aiming for a superior English foundation on the basis of inheriting the quintessence of Maple Bear Canada education, at Sunshine Maple Bear, students are able to maximize their abilities, along with their interest in cultural subjects. , especially Mathematics to build comprehensive capacity, ready for new life. Recently, SMbers have excellently brought home many awards at the Kangroo International Math Competition –  IKMC 2021.

SMBers get impressive results at IKMC 2021

IKMC is one of the major and prestigious international math competitions in the world, attracting more than 6,000,000 candidates from 70 countries around the world, including Vietnam. In 2016, IKMC was first held in Vietnam. Not only is the competition a playground for students who are passionate about Mathematics from grade 1 to grade 8, the contest also replicates the joy of learning math in the direction of developing thinking through the form of multiple choice tests and content associated with reality. economic life.

Participating in this year’s IKMC competition, excellent SMBers brought home 07 awards, including 02 Top 10 prizes and 05 Top 20 prizes proving their efforts on a long journey. This will be a source of spiritual encouragement for SMBers to continue their efforts in the new school year.

02 Top 10 prizes (TOP 10% of students with the highest scores nationwide)

05 Top 20 Prizes – Encouragement (TOP 20% of candidates with the highest scores nationwide)

Efforts to bring a comprehensive and world-class educational environment

Right from the first grade, Sunshine Maple Bear aims to comprehensively develop physically – mentally – spiritually for students with the desire to create portraits of future global citizens. There, the children were HAPPY BECAUSE OF REPRESENTATION, consciously striving to rise up for their own development. The children find joy every day at school, in each learning and playing activity.

Today on the journey of IKMC 2021, the children demonstrated their ability to solve math problems, practice self-discipline, honesty and good self-control, etc. They realized that they are a little older, have more experience, discover, learn, more skills to make a solid luggage on the way to conquer the next heights.

More than anyone else, Sunshine Maple Bear understands that the greatest joy of children when participating in a competition does not stop at prestigious awards, certificates or cups. It is also a rewarding experience, a journey of the companionship of teachers and friends. Then at IKMC 2021, or in any other playground, SMber will always have their own ways to shine.

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