Starting from October 12, Sunshine Maple Bear Education System organizes a meaningful Thanksgiving season at each school site.

Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday usually celebrated mainly in Canada and the United States. In the past, the meaning of this holiday was to give thanks after a good harvest. Today, Thanksgiving is seen as an occasion for families to gather, reunite and express gratitude for what they have. The celebratory meal usually takes place in the evening, and a traditional turkey dish is indispensable.

In Canada, this holiday is usually celebrated on the second Monday in October. As students of Sunshine Maple Bear Education System with a copyrighted education program from Canada, students cannot miss this special occasion.

At the primary school site, SMbers together made a Thanksgiving Tree to express their gratitude to their families and relatives. The Thanksgiving tree is made up of many different hands, on each finger is written about family members. Also on the holiday, SMbers enjoyed the traditional food of the holiday, which is grilled honey chicken. Delicious food makes everyone very happy to enjoy.

At the Kindergarten locations of Sunshine Maple Bear Education System, the little bears had a lot of integrated experiences in the lessons, both to learn the meaning of the holiday and to help them have activities. interesting move.

Children can make beautiful turkeys in many different ways. The class is drawing in color, the class is folding the paper by hand, and the class is painting by hand. The fun learning atmosphere makes every child excited to complete their product.

At some school sites, Thanksgiving Day activities will last all week.

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