Mid-Autumn Festival is full

Mid-Autumn Festival is considered the day of the brightest and roundest moon of the year. On that most beautiful moon day, children everywhere break the feast and receive toys from adults. The sound of the lion drums is bustling, the lion dances are full of life, the twinkling light from the star lights, the tickling lights mixed in the bright moonlight… Mid-autumn seasons like these make children’s childhoods full.

This is also the time when the family gathers together, presents a tray of five fruits, and enjoys baked cakes and soft cakes. Parents and grandparents can be with their children to break the feast and look after the moon. Such mid-autumn seasons make family happiness more complete.

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the School and the teachers of Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School also held a special event called FULL MOON FESTIVAL – Ao Dai Fest, with the desire to bring the children a holiday season. full as the moon.

The full moon season is also the time when ao dai appears the most at Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School. All classes have students participating in ao dai performance. Seeing SMbers striding on stage makes parents and teachers feel warm when watching you grow up day by day. The traditional costume appearing on a traditional holiday also helps students feel more deeply about the cultural values ​​of the nation.

The full moon season is also the time when children can participate in the most experience corners in the school yard. Corner making colorful lanterns. The corner of making soft cakes is fragrant with the smell of cake flour. The duck-catching corner is a place full of laughter because of the missed shots and ingenious duck chases.

The full moon season is also the time when you can meet the most special Uncle Cuoi: Uncle Cuoi is a foreigner who speaks English. Uncle Cuoi stirred up the stage, causing laughter and laughter throughout the schoolyard.

This year’s autumn moon is very full, and SMbers had a festival season as full as the moon.

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