On October 23, the children of Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School had an exciting Science lesson with a field trip to the Museum of Nature and Botanical Park. This picnic is part of the school program of Sunshine Maple Bear students to help children find information and learn through practical activities.

Here, they were able to observe the specimens in the museum and the plants in the wild. Thereby, students can directly relate to the knowledge they have learned. From the information collected by themselves, SMbers will complete the questions of the application exercise by themselves.

This is also an opportunity for SMBers to recognize animals and plants in English and learn more about the living habits of some animals and the characteristics of some plants. The use of English in the process of interacting with teachers outside the classroom environment helps students form the habit of reflecting in English.

Before the trip, each student was instructed on how to prepare the necessary items. Therefore, the picnic is an experience that helps you equip yourself with self-preparedness skills and participate in a short trip.

The hours outside the classroom or the school campus are always interesting hours for any child. These special classes are one of the indispensable elements of the Sunshine Maple Bear education system to build a happy school environment, helping children always feel happy when they go to school.


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