Start the new school year with Sunshine Week

From September 14 to September 18, Sunshine Week will officially take place at Sunshine Maple Bear school system with the theme SUNSHINE WEEK: GET READY TO START.
The week is considered an activity to warm up September and is the start of the 2020-2021 school year with the theme of Creation.
Within the framework of activities, each school day for the children will be an experience day corresponding to one of the five core values of Maple Bear students.
The specific activities are divided as follows:

– Monday (September 14): Opening Day and Self-Help Day
– Tuesday (September 15): Respect Day
– Wednesday (September 16): Stormy Day
– Thursday (September 17): Empathy Day
– Friday (September 18): Shine Day

At this series of activities, each Primary or Pre-school site will develop its own experience plan suitable for the age of the students.

At the primary level, students will learn about five core values, learn about regional cultures or write letters to frontline doctors fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.
At the preschool age, children can pick vegetables by themselves, learn about Hanoi or watch movies to understand empathy.

Self-reliance, Respect, Hope, Empathy, Shine are the five core values that Maple Bear education system builds for its students. These are considered the qualities of 21st century students, helping them achieve success and have a happy life in the future.

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