Students should not be judged by an exam

SMbers have just gone through a tough first term exam and achieved mid-year assessments. In addition to the students’ academic efforts, this exam is also an important milestone of the school year for teachers, including Ms. Nguyen Thi Thao, the homeroom teacher of class 1I1.

The teacher never stops learning

As a teacher with 11 years of experience in the profession, Ms. Thao always sets her own educational views. During the whole process of standing on the podium, even when facing many difficulties and obstacles, she still maintained her chosen educational perspective, becoming a teacher with good teaching expertise.

She shared that she was very interested in Henry Ford’s concept. He once said: “If we stop learning, we will age, whether we are 20 or 80 years old. Those who don’t stop learning will stay young forever. The greatest thing in life is to keep one’s soul young.” Those who work as teachers will have that happiness, because while teaching, they still have to learn. Therefore, together with many teachers of Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School, Ms. Thao constantly strives to study, perfect and enrich her knowledge to bring her children meaningful lessons.

She sets clear goals for each school year and is determined to work towards achieving them. She tries to create interesting, curious and creative lessons to promote the initiative and positivity of each student. This is also her way of giving her children the opportunity to express themselves and affirm their own worth.

Perspectives on exams

Term 1 has just ended, besides the joy when their children get good results, there are still some parents who are worried and disappointed because “You have not done exactly what you want”.

Ms. Thao shared: “I understand that the mentality of being a father, mother, and teacher always wants children to succeed and achieve high academic achievements. That is a perfectly legitimate wish. However, when these desires turn into expectations, the invisible becomes pressure, placed heavily on the small shoulders of each child.

I think that in order to reduce pressure on students, teachers and parents themselves must change their thinking and views, and eliminate achievement disease in education. Therefore, I always consider the exam as just a small challenge. What I care about is that after each exam, the children know where they are; Teachers and parents know where the child is weak, which part is weak…. so that there are solutions to help children improve and improve themselves”.

Instead of assessing students through all the results of the exam, Ms. Thao chooses her own perspective to see a good student, a promising student. She especially attaches importance to 5 factors: knowing “respect” and “empathizing” with people, being “independent”, having “ambition” and dreams; know how to “shine” at the right time and in his own way. These are also the 5 core values ​​that a happy school  – Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School wants to bring to their children, helping them to have the best preparation for the future.

Teaching is a noble profession, keeping a pure mind. Although outside the school gate is crowded and self-interested, behind it, the classroom with the black and white chalkboard, innocent smiles, and clear eyes of the children is always a place that makes teachers feel at peace so Live a more beautiful and meaningful life. Therefore, do not put the burden of grades on children, do not force them to carry the dreams of parents and teachers; Let children find joy in each lesson, feel real happiness every day at school. The excitement in learning will be the most effective catalyst to help children gain confidence, bravery and progress day by day.

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