Sunshine Maple Bear Secondary School – Long-term learning path for SMbers

Sunshine Maple Bear education system is a world-class educational environment, on the basis of inheriting and promoting the quintessence of Vietnamese education and the advanced educational program of Maple Bear Canada.

Long learning path

The first school was built in …., so far the school has 3 kindergartens and 1 primary school. The whole system is built according to a closed concentric circle from incubating children to unlocking their potential at Primary level. School year 2021 – 2022, on the foundation that has been firmly built over each school year. Sunshine Maple Bear system is officially open for junior high school enrollment.

If at the primary level, children will be built the first pillar that lays the foundation for the harmonious development of physical, mental, capacity and quality, then at the lower secondary level, students are developed, Using superior learning methods, having initial understanding of the profession, thinking about scientific research, and actively applying it to life. Sunshine Maple Bear students in secondary school have a sense of civic personality, a spirit of lifelong learning, mastery and choice of orientation for the future, self-knowledge to become an integrated citizen with a diverse society. culture in a global context.

Advanced learning program

At Sunshine Maple Bear’s secondary school, students will enjoy a curriculum with many strengths to shape a citizen with conditions for comprehensive development.

Sunshine Maple Bear English program is integrated in many subjects, with 10 lessons a week for the bilingual system and 20 lessons a week for the international system. The learning path is personalized, so that each student can absorb and absorb knowledge in the most effective way.

The Middle School Math program is built so that students can participate in experimental activities and projects, and develop their thinking and capacity to the fullest by using advanced media and learning materials. In addition, the learning environment is also expanded to create the highest excitement for students.

The Junior High School Literature program at Sunshine Maple Bear is built according to the GDPT program of the Ministry of Education, ensuring the output standards for each grade level and across all levels. With learning topics and projects, SMbers have conditions to develop outstanding language abilities, namely listening, reading, speaking, writing skills and the ability to think, communicate as well as write essays .

In addition, the school also built the program of natural sciences and social sciences, physical education programs according to the standards of the Ministry of Education. Advanced teaching methods applied in interdisciplinary integrated projects, as well as hands-on experience activities. Students have conditions to develop comprehensively both physically and mentally.

After-school clubs will maximize individual potential in areas such as Creative Arts, Mathematics, English, Physical Education.

Global citizenship in the digital age

With a long-term learning path built on the most advanced curricula, after finishing secondary school, students at Sunshine Maple Bear are equipped with the knowledge and capabilities to be ready to become successful professionals. global population in the digital age. Students who complete the Maple Bear Canada 10-level English competency framework are awarded a certificate of completion of high school recognized in Canada and internationally.

In addition, students also build core values that serve as the foundation for lifelong development. Those are the values: Self-reliance, Respect, Empathy, Ambition, Shine.

In the school year 2021-2022, Sunshine Maple Bear Education System has special incentives for middle school students.

Offers for FRIENDLY FAMILY: Discount for the second child or more, specifically:
– 5% discount on tuition fee/year/ 1 student
– 50% discount on school development fee/year/ 1 student

– 30% discount on bus fares
Offer for PAYING time

Before March 31, 2021 Offer 5%

Before May 31, 2021 Offer 3%

Before July 31, 2021 Offer 2%

Parents can contact the hotline 090 154 6655 to learn more about the training program at lower secondary level and preferential policies..

A new school year will begin again. Sunshine Maple Bear Education System has prepared solid foundations with children on the journey to conquer knowledge at the next level of education..

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