Based on a survey in more than 80 countries to rank the countries with the best education in the world in 2017, Canada has had a miraculous rise to the number 1 position in the rankings.

Canadian education ranks first in the world

In recent international tests, Canada is one of the few countries to appear in the top 10 for math, science and reading comprehension. Canada’s path to becoming the number one education power in the world is completely different from that of other countries, and is a success story worth replicating.

During parent conferences, it is not uncommon for teachers to convince students’ parents to agree to allow their children to be placed in an individualized program to maximize their potential. Personalize the curriculum, helping students learn according to their interests and needs, instead of forcing them all into a pre-built template – that’s how Canadian education makes schools a place to bring students. fun for all students.

At global youth forums, Canadian students impress with confident and weighty presentations to crowds. The new generation of students in Canada is fostered in a learning environment that values life skills, respects individual opinions, encourages them to dare to express their opinions and bravely defends their opinions, even if it is different from the crowd, in front of the whole world.

Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School is the first primary school in Vietnam to officially purchase the copyright of Canada’s Maple Bear language program in English, Math, Science, Physical Education, and Personality Education.

This is just one of thousands of stories that happen every day in Canadian classrooms. Beyond borders, Canada’s educational philosophy is spreading across 20 countries with more than 300 schools. In Hanoi, there will also be an elementary school with Canadian educational standards in the near future.

What to expect from the first Maple Bear Canada International Primary School in Vietnam?

With an area of ​​over 5,000 m2 located at the campus of Sunshine Riverside project, in the luxurious architectural complex of Nam Thang Long urban area – Ciputra, Sunshine Maple Bear international elementary school project invested by Sunshine Group and Construction is not only a link in a continuous chain of utilities to fully meet the daily living needs of residents, but also contributes to solving the need for a lack of schools and classes, which is becoming a dilemma. in big cities like Hanoi today.

Ms. Tran Thi Nhu Loan, Deputy General Director in charge of Education, Sunshine Group said: Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School is the first primary school in Vietnam to officially buy the program copyright from Maple Bear of Canada. This is a program researched by leading Canadian education experts for countries that teach English as a second language.

With the Canadian standard education program, students at Sunshine Maple Bear have the opportunity to access the quintessence of the world’s leading education.

This program has been successfully implemented in more than 300 schools in 20 countries such as: United States, China, Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Korea, Vietnam, Morocco, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kenya Philippines coming in Hong Kong, Europe.
“We build an English program that is rated according to Canadian standards, as well as an international standard learning environment with equipment that meets Canadian standards. At the same time, advanced learning methods are also applied to stimulate students’ self-research, self-study, self-discovery and creativity such as project teaching methods, experiential teaching methods. experience,…” – Ms. Loan shared.

Located in a prime location in Nam Thang Long urban area (Ciputra), Sunshine Maple Bear International Primary School hopes to bring a modern and modern Canadian standard education model.

In addition to the curriculum, the standards of the Canadian educational environment are also focused on by Sunshine Group, including indoor and outdoor play areas with many open spaces to help students expand their horizons and gain experience. get more knowledge in practice. In particular, the facilities in the classroom of Sunshine Maple Bear are also built in accordance with international standards, modern, comfortable, safe and friendly for students.

Along with the 4.0 trend spreading in all aspects of social life, and invested by Sunshine Group, which is a pioneer in real estate giants with 4.0 urban projects, it is not surprising that school life at Sunshine Maple Bear elementary school is optimized thanks to technology factors and synchronously applied throughout the management, operation, teaching and learning system. This is also the foundation to nurture a new generation of global citizens in Vietnam, helping them to have the knowledge base to confidently step out of Vietnam’s territory and integrate into the five continents community in different opportunities. future learning and employment opportunities.

Sunshine Maple Bear Primary School is the first primary school in Vietnam to purchase the copyright from the global education organization Maple Bear based in Vancouver (Canada).

In particular, all important information about this educational institution will be introduced in the Conference entitled: “Sunshine Maple Bear and children create the future”

Time: 20/01/2019 Day

Place: ForeverMark Convention Center, 614 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Those who are interested can follow the information at:

Website: www.sunshinemaplebear.edu.vn

Hotline: ‎‎‎‎090 154 6655

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/SSMB.ElementarySchool

Email: info@sunshinemaplebear.edu.vn

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